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Client Testimonials

Testimonials: Client Testimonials

"I reached out to Nina due to my terrible acid reflux and digestive symptoms. Nina is all about getting to the root cause, so she recommended I do the GI-MAP and food sensitivity testing for food intolerances. Once the results came back, she guided me on supplementation to help correct my issues. In parallel to this, I logged a food journal every day so we could assess any trigger foods with my diet. I feel like this was the most important part, as it taught me how to incorporate foods that work best for my body. Nina was instrumental in helping me understand what foods work best for me and I started to see significant improvement. If you are struggling with gut health, you need to go to Nina. She really helps you find out what is exactly going on and develop a plan to fix it. She is extremely knowledgeable, approachable, patient, and a great teacher. I was going through a really tough time with my health issues and Nina’s guidance got me through those dark days. I am forever grateful for her support and would recommend her to anybody going through similar issues. Nina has all the knowledge required to help you but she also is enjoyable to work with. She shows enthusiasm and passion in what she does. She genuinely wants to see her clients get better and get back to living a happy, healthier life.

John H.

After having digestive and intestinal issues (heartburn, diarrhea, bloating after eating, fatigue, brain fog) through my adult life, I decided to try to identify what was causing it. I had previously tried removing traditionally "unhealthy" foods like highly processed foods, sugary foods etc, and instead focused on eating only whole grains, meats, and vegetables. It was very frustrating that I continued having significant issues even after eliminating what are generally thought of as unhealthy foods. Nina was recommended to me, and after a detailed consult with her I decided to move forward with her recommended approach: a plan to identify my potential food sensitivities and remove them from my diet for a period of time, re- introduce them, and finally be able to get down to the root causes of my digestive challenges.
Nina designed a comprehensive program to return my gut to a healthy state. It began with the food sensitivity test to identify potentially problematic foods. Based on the results Nina designed a program to eliminate the potentially triggering foods and then bring them back methodically over time to verify their affect on my body. While eliminating the foods showed significant improvements, I continued have some issues with specific foods that had not appeared on the test as problematic. Nina dug through my food logs and identified foods that my body was not sensitive foods, but just wanted very good at processing. Nina modified the elimination/reintroduction plan to incorporate those additional foods and the results were drastic. My digestive issues were essentially eliminated. My energy levels noticeably increased. My ability to focus improved.
Through this process Nina was there to provide guidance, adjust course if necessary, and ensure I had the support needed to see the plan through to the end. 
It is also important to note that Nina designed the plan in a way that allows you to realistically continue the eating habits learned during the program in the long term. My only recommendation is to lean in and fully commit to the program. Nina will give you all the resources so all you need to provide is the willingness to stick to it and enjoy the results.
Nina is wonderful to work with. She is an expert in the field of gut health, she is thorough in the development of individually tailored program, she is diligent in ensuring her clients feel supported and that she is there to answer questions or address issues. And most importantly, you can tell that she really cares about achieving positive outcomes. I have and will continue to recommend Nina to anyone who shares an interest in improving their health.

Jose Q.

"I am so grateful for Nina!! She has helped me so much.  She is a wealth of information and explained so many things to me about my body and how nutrition effects it.  It was so helpful because instead of just making recommendations, she told me the “why” and explained the science behind it.  I was able to find out a lot about what was going on in my gut with a test she recommended for me and she developed a plan to help me with diet and supplements.  On top of her being so knowledgeable and giving great guidance, she is so nice and you can tell she genuinely cares and wants to help you feel better.  The first time you speak to her, you can feel her passion for nutrition and her desire to want to help you. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for nutritional help! I have already recommended her to my friends and family."

Carrie H.

Three months ago I was experiencing a lot of discomfort in my gut and my health in general.  I was overweight by about 15 lbs and was unable to lose it on my own.  I was uncomfortable with chronic pain in general and I experienced a lot of bloating, especially after I ate.  Having Nina on board while doing this program was instrumental in keeping me on track by digging deep and helping me find the foods that were most sensitive to my health and my gut and also recommending the right supplements to help with my digestive system to help it heal. Nina was there basically on a daily basis for the 3 months I was with her.  If I had a question, I would just go into my portal and ask her and she would respond within the day. Her recommendations and questions were absolutely spot on and I started feeling better and lose weight immediately without feeling hungry or deprived.  The distention in my gut was also going down and I lost inches in that area after the 3 months with Nina.  I'm now feeling amazing and all my friends and family noticed and was wondering what I was doing to make me look so good and healthy!  It’s awesome when you put in a lot of time with self-love and your friends and family notice!  That also helped me stay on track along with Nina's wonderful encouragement and coaching!  I couldn't have done this without her. This program, to me, was extremely easy to follow.  I was not deprived.  I would highly recommend doing both the MRT and GI Map Stool test with her in combination.  It will give you the perfect tests to work with whatever digestive issues you have and food insensitivities.  These 2 tests together, I believe, are very important in completing your goals to a healthier lifestyle. If you have tried other things on your own and you are not getting the results you need or want, please try this program with Nina.  It will be exactly what you need to succeed in your health goals.  She is not only an amazing professional with great knowledge, she is also a very kind and lovely person to work with.  I have zero regrets in my choice with choosing to work with Nina.  I reached the goals I wanted to by working with her.  I have lost inches in my gut and lost 15 lbs and feel absolutely Amazing!!!!  Thank You Nina!

Marit K.

For about the last ten years I was having very uncomfortable GI symptoms, and it was getting progressively worse. I would have stomach cramps, bloating, gas and would have other IBS symptoms.  It was becoming stressful eating at restaurants because I would not know when something would trigger my stomach issues. After having my children, I realized I needed to get my gut health in check. I didn’t want to risk a GI issue while I was alone with them. Nina was very thorough in collecting data before making a diagnosis.  After working with Nina for the last 4 months, I have been feeling so much better. She helped me make lifestyle changes that helped manage my symptoms.  She also recommended supplements to help with my gut maintenance! Be patient with the process and don’t be scared! Nina makes you feel like you’re not doing this alone.  She gave me great recipes and other food recommendations as well.  We would also have face to face online sessions which helped a lot! I did not think feeling this way would be possible. I thought my situation was going to be my normal. I am so grateful I met Nina and was able to work with her.  I hope someone else with similar issues takes the next step to help improve their overall quality of life!


After years of not being able to figure out what was causing me to be bloated all the time, have stomachaches and a bunch of other issues, I somewhat impulsively reached out to Nina and she ended up changing my life. You can really tell how passionate she is about helping people feel better. Not only is she very knowledgeable but also warm, caring, and supportive. I looked forward to every session and continue to apply a lot of what I got out of the whole process with her ever day.

Sofya L.

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