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Nutrition Counseling Services


Initial Consultation ($250)

Welcome! In this initial 90-minute session, I will take a comprehensive assessment of your health history, diet, symptoms, and lifestyle habits and create a custom tailored treatment plan to help you feel your best. If necessary, I will also recommend specific labs to address any underlying root causes of your symptoms and provide you with a personalized roadmap to health and healing. Together, we will come up with a few goals that you can implement right away to begin your health and wellness journey.

45-minute follow-up session ($150)

30-minute follow-up session ($100)

*Support between sessions and diet/meal planning are not included in single sessions

3-Month Nutrition Counseling Package ($899)

Package Inclusions:

  • Comprehensive 90-minute initial consultation

  • Three 45-minute follow-up sessions

  • Access to educational handouts and detailed protocols

  • Discounts on professional supplements

  • Advanced lab testing access with interpretation (labs sold separately)

  • Free secure messaging in between sessions

  • Personalized recipe book with meal ideas and shopping list customized to your dietary needs. 

Nutrition Counseling: Services

Personalized Nutrition Support

Although single sessions are offered, please note that diet and lifestyle changes take time. Therefore, to ensure the most success and adherence to your goals, you will benefit most from a personalized structured series of meetings. All nutrition packages include all of the following:

Support Between Sessions

Making dietary changes can be a challenge which is why I am available as a resource in case you need extra guidance. I will check in with you weekly or bi-weekly depending on your progress to help you stay on track. You can send me secure messages at any time in your client portal via your computer or phone. It’s like having a personal dietitian in your back-pocket for the next few months. You’re never alone during this process!

Functional Lab Tests

Let's test, not guess! Specific lab tests may be recommended depending upon initial assessment and your personal health goals. All test kits will be conveniently drop-shipped to your home along with sample collection instructions.

Lab Interpretation & Analysis

In-depth review of your functional lab tests with personalized food and lifestyle feedback tailored to your unique needs.

Educational Handouts & Resources

Personalized digestive health & lifestyle protocols. For your convenience, all resources are uploaded digitally to your client portal.

Food & Symptom Journal Review

Access to virtual food journal in your client portal where you can document your meals and any symptoms that occur before or after meals. I will review your journal entries weekly to identify any patterns or potential triggers of your symptoms.

Personalized Recipes and Grocery Lists

I offer custom meal plans tailored to your specific dietary needs. With easy recipes and done-for-you grocery lists, you will feel empowered and motivated to achieve your health and wellness goals!

Discounts on Professional Grade Supplements

Access to high-quality practitioner grade supplements at a discounted price via Fullscript.

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Private Telehealth Services

You'll have access to all nutrition handouts, protocols, secure messages and more right at your fingertips with the Practice Better Telehealth Platform.

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Ready to get started?

Schedule a free introductory call today!

The intro call is a great opportunity to briefly discuss your health goals and to see if Nina's functional nutrition approach is right for you. 
Please complete the application and your dietitian will get in touch with you at your scheduled time.

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